Google Picasa and Blogger to get new names soon.

With arrival of Google +, Google is going for remarkable changes on its other products and services. This is news which I have been published on Mashable. According to them Google will soon (means most probably within a month) will change the brand names of two of its services one Google Picasa  to Google Photos and Blogger which will be known as Google Blogs. This decision from Google is to integrate all its package and service integrated with each other.

Blogger is a famous free blog-publishing service that allows private or multi-user blogs. Which was bought by Google in 2003 acquired this service from Pyra Labs. Blogger is one such Google service which has been a huge hit among public. Blogger will get the name Google Blogs.

Picasa is famous photo sharing, image viewer, image organizer online service which stores millions of images online and which can be managed through Google account. Google acquired Picasa in July 2004. And as like Blogger Picasa service also has been a hit. Picasa will now get the name Google Photos.

Even though above updates may happen soon, Youtube remains as it is. Well it may be because Google’s alternate video venture Google Video has been a flop and Google discontinued it earlier this year.

Hmm, lots of things happening in Google. Stay tuned.

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[VIA] Mashable

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