How to bypass Windows login for emergency situations.

We all know that Windows is now very secure when it comes to its login. If you have by chance lost you password well it’s really tough to get through. But what will you do at an emergency situation?  In this post I will explain about such a tool which can bypass the Windows login and login to Windows.

Kon Boot is such a tool which that boots from a CD or floppy and modifies memory to let you login without knowing a local account password in both Windows (even up to Windows 7 32bit SP1). Kon Boot allows you bypass having to use valid credentials when the OS finishes booting.

Another great thing about this tool is that you can use your USB drive to boot the same tool. Since CD/DVD is not so popular nowadays and carrying a small USB is easy, an USB is best option.

How to use Kon Boot:

  1. Download the Kon Boot from this link:  , now create floppy image, you can create the image in your USB drive.
  2. For creating these you need to download this free tool Unetbootin which will create a floppy image in your USB.
  3. Run this tool and browse the Kon Boot image and set your USB drive location.
  4. After that you need to extract these file to your USB drive:
  5. Well now you have successfully created the boot drive, now boot your computer and select boot from USB.(mostly F12 button to select boot device)
  6. If everything is ok, you will drive inside your pc, select the drive which has operating system. You will see that you are able to successfully enter into Windows by bypassing logon credentials.

Note: If you selected the wrong drive you will get an Error in return, you can try another drive in the list.

I have kept the explanation simple, if you have any doubts you can put a comment.

Warning: The whole aim of publishing this article is to help you at emergency situations where you have no option to login since you have forgotten the credentials. This tool should not be used for illegal purposes or hack into unauthorized systems since its illegal. Well if you go for it you have to face all the consequences what so ever.

Hope this article helped, do comment. 🙂

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