Quick tip: How to read scratched disks.

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Manage and control Android smartphone from Pc.

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Apple’s ICloud Music:How It Works and How It Stacks Up To Google Listen

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How Social Science Explains Odd Facebook Trends.

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Firefox 5 released and is now available for download.

World’s favorite browser Firefox has released its next version Firefox version 4.0.1 popularly known as Firefox 5 is now available for public download. Some of the enhancement includes ... Continue Reading →

HTC EVO – a Quick and simple review.

The HTC EVO 4G turned one year old on June 4th, and with the rate that smart phone technology has been progressing, many may be wondering if it has already been made obsolete. When ... Continue Reading →

Rocketmelt –the social browser available for public.

Rocketmelt had been popular among on tech world, Rocketmelt has been popular because of its great integration of social networks. Now Rocketmelt is available for download for public.With ... Continue Reading →

Create alerts for your common daily searches with Google Alert.

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Critical update for Internet Explorer available for download.

Microsoft has announced in their Security Bulletin MS11-050 – Critical update is available for Internet Explorer all versions.As per the report Microsoft explains this critical update ... Continue Reading →

Donate blood ,save someone’s life. be a good citizen.

BharatBloodBank is a venture started founders of Bharat Matrimony group for helping citizens of India.  BharatBloodBank is online service or community of blood donors spread across ... Continue Reading →