Check your password strength on Firefox with Bad Pass add-on

When it comes to passwords, we all have our own choices to set the criteria and common style of passwords which we use. In one of my post I have mentioned about an online service by which you can check your password strength: Check the strength of your password with .

In this post I will introduce you all to another kind of service which gives a similar kind of service but much more powerful. Bad Pass is add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser which will indicate the strength of password in all HTML password fields. Not even that you have power to customize this add-on by specifying what should be a password length, what all the criteria’s which you should follow like using upper case, numbers, alpha numeric  etc.

You can also set alert also which will say whether the password you are entering meets the requirements or not. You can force this rule such that if you do not enter the password with pre requirement, it will not allow to login or create any online account.

You can do all these at the Bad Pass preference window.


An example when you enter a password which does not meet your criteria/minimum requirement.

You can learn more and grab this add-on here: BadPass for Firefox.

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