A revolution in the field of cameras–Lytro Picture Revolution.

As blogger I have habit of just freaking out on web to find news around the tech world. This is one such discovery I have made or can say rather accidently. Lytro Picture revolution is new kind of startup service which has amazed me.

Lytro brings something called light field camera to the world. Now if you ask what is it then as Lytro explains like this: Lytro is new startup from Silicon Valley, well where all the most stuffs start. Lytro has invented a new technology known as Light field technology, in simple words normally when you take a snap or a photo the technology behind is that the image is focused through the lens to the sensor and then take an impression of it on the digital sensor, but when it comes to Light Field technology it simple captures all the light (the full area completely). Well now you may ask what the big deal is. Well as Lytro slogan says “shoot now and focus late”, which means once you taken the snap with Lytro you can then later on focus any minute details of the photo/image.

I will explain it in an example, suppose on a party freak day you take a snap of couple of your friends, once you have done that, you can then process the image from your and highlight any section. Suppose you want to focus a single person in the group, with Lytro Light field technology you can do that. Well this won’t be possible with your ordinary camera.

Lytro Gallery has lots of samples which explain it further and you can check the difference of an ordinary digital camera and Lytro technology.

So how the hardware looks like, Lytro has kept it still a mystery. Meanwhile if you interested in trying it out you have an option to “Reserve your camera” where you can put your email id to get invitation.

Surely this technology can revolutionize camera technology since many of problems faced by photographers whether they are professionals or amateur like saggy photos, blurry images, unclear focus and many such things would vanish away.

You can learn more from the creators: Lytro Homepage.

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Image/Video Courtesy: Lytro.com


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