Online Piano Lessons – The next generation

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Check your password strength on Firefox with Bad Pass add-on

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Now search images with an image on Google.

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Tips for keeping your information safe online.

As technology continues to improve each day, so are the chances that your e-mail or other accounts will be compromised. This is why you need to make sure you’re taking the necessary ... Continue Reading →

Protect your privacy on peer to peer network with OneSwarm.

Torrents, peer to peer networks are common thing in the net world. There would very little number of people around the world who don’t know them or haven’t used them in their day ... Continue Reading →

A revolution in the field of cameras–Lytro Picture Revolution.

As blogger I have habit of just freaking out on web to find news around the tech world. This is one such discovery I have made or can say rather accidently. Lytro Picture revolution ... Continue Reading →

Submit your website to multiple search engines with SubmitStart.

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Turn your webpages into plain text with Text Mirror.

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Increase your blog subscribers with Viperbar.

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Fun zone: Lenovo’s best ever ad.

  Want to have some fun, then watch the below ad. It’s an ad about Lenovo laptop which is even grandma proof. Yes really it is. Don’t believe then watch it below.   Hope ... Continue Reading →