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If you are a programmer and love to do those coding first thing you would ask for is a good program editor. May be most commonly used one like Notepad is not so flexible also it has got many limitations which makes it under choice for experts. Well another one is software like Adobe Dreamweaver even though it’s powerful, it’s expensive which many won’t be able to afford.

Context editor is powerful freeware editor which can help you out. Even though it’s a freeware it’s powerful enough to be one programmer favorite.


  1. You open multiple files at a time.
  2. You can open files of any size (no size limit)
  3. Power Syntax highlighter for languages such as C#,C/C++,Delphi/Pascal,Java,Java Script,Visual Basic,Perl/CGI,HTML,CSS,SQL,FoxPro,80×86 assembler,Python,PHP,Tcl/Tk,XML,Fortran,Foxpro,InnoSetup scripts
  4. Multiple language support.
  5. unicode UTF8 support
  6. export to HTML/RTF
  7. conversion DOS->UNIX->Macintosh file formats
  8. macro recorder
  9. text sort
  10. normal and columnar text selection
  12. search and replace with regular expressions
  13. search and replace text in all open files
  14. incremental search with text emphasizing
  15. powerful command line handler

You can learn more/download here: Context Homepage.

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