Facebook chat messenger for Windows –ChitChat

Facebook is world number one social site and now it has grown as very next thing you will access once you are online.  One great feature in Facebook which is hit on it is the Facebook chat. But one thing disappointing about Facebook chat is that you need to login Facebook webpage to access the chat. Even though Facebook chat is huge hit, Facebook does not dedicated chat IM (Instant Messenger) client like Yahoo messenger or Gtalk.  Here in this post I will tell you about a third party IM client which is dedicated for Facebook.

Chitchat is dedicated IM client for Facebook users. Having a separate chat client gives us lot more flexibility such as follows.

  1. No need of web browser. So now you don’t need to open the web browser go to the Facebook and login.
  2. Easy to use, open your IM client put your Facebook credentials and login.
  3. Faster chat since web browser issues are null.
  4. Get quick message notification.
  5. Use emoticons pretty easily.

Above all Chitchat is absolutely free.

You can grab it here: ChitChat Instant Messenger for Facebook.

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