Create power saving webpages with Online Leaf.

In this world if we ask what’s one of the big concerns is? Then one among that would be scarcity of power. As a citizen of earth, its becomes our priority or rather duty is to save power as much as possible. Well there are lots of simple steps which we can adhere to save power which for generations.

Well now let’s talk about a new feature by which we can create power saving websites. Well we all know in our pc when it’s idle for some time it automatically goes to screensaver mode or monitor off mode by which it saves remarkable amount of power .Well with Online Leaf service we will bring the same to your webpage. Online Leaf is web service which adds screensaver like feature to your webpage.

Online leaf is available as a plugin for WordPress blogs and using it on WordPress (self-hosted) is pretty simple since only you want to download and activate this plugin. Once activated your site becomes a complete less energy consuming site. If you open the blog page and left it alone after a while you will see black screensaver comes up which uses less energy.

Well you can integrate the script (for non WordPress webpages) on your webpages and enable this feature. So come on let’s show our responsibility towards the environment and be a good citizen of earth and contribute in our on simple way.

You can learn more here: Online Leaf service.

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