Microsoft Fix for PowerPoint 2003 crash problem.

If you are using Office 2003, and if you installing Microsoft updates properly you might have faced couple of issues on Powerpoint. Commonly seen symptoms are Powerpoint crashes/hangs when opening certain PPT’s. Some presentation shows some error for the first time and lot more related.

Well if you are facing it then you are not the one alone, its common for many now but fortunately Microsoft has found out a fix for this issue which itself was caused by their system update.

The most common error you will find is the following:

“PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects as slides in the file (name) because they have become corrupt. Affected slides have been replaced by blank slides in the presentation and it is not possible to recover lost information. To ensure that the file can be opened in
previous versions of PowerPoint, use the Save As command and save the file with the same name or a new name.”

Once you apply the fix the issue will be rectified. Microsoft has provided this security fix and claims that this will solve recent Powerpoint issues.

You can learn more and update this fix: Microsoft Support/fix.

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  • Robin

    I am experiencing this problem with Powerpoint 2003. At first I received the error message described, but now the program simply stops responding the moment I try to enter any new text. The Microsoft security update for this problem is listed in my automatic downloads and was installed today. However, the problem persists. I called the number listed on the Microsoft site. After 30 minutes, I was told that Office 2003 is not eligible for free support. I only wanted to ask a question about the hotfix. Is anyone else experiencing these problems?

    • sk

      Hi Robin,
      Well another simple trick which worked for me (for couple of my Office users) is to uninstall office 2003 completely. Once you have done that, go to control panel and remove the recent updates installed in your pc (uninstall all from the date you have seen this error) ,Install Office again and stop the MS update for the time being. I hope this will work. If you need any help you can reply me.