Remove all unwanted toolbars from your browser with Toolbar cleaner.

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Play snake game right inside Gmail.

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Group icon like Mac on Windows with 7stacks.

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Customize the Internet Explorer deployment with Administration Kit.

With Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 9 you can simplify the creation, deployment and management of customized Internet Explorer 9 packages. You can use IEAK to configure ... Continue Reading →

Powerful freeware text editor for programmers – context

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Facebook chat messenger for Windows –ChitChat

Facebook is world number one social site and now it has grown as very next thing you will access once you are online.  One great feature in Facebook which is hit on it is the Facebook ... Continue Reading →

Book taxi online around India on taxiGuide.

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A note on Twitter for Informational interviewing

Informational interviewing is all about a job-seeker or a student getting information from an established professional in their field. In this back-flip of a regular interview, a novice ... Continue Reading →

Increase your Android battery life with JuiceDefender app.

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Twitter acquires TweetDeck, the social browser.

Twitter has acquired TweetDeck; TweetDeck is browser with a difference which integrates all your social networks right inside the browser. Which means you can connect and update your ... Continue Reading →