Flexible Google Chrome add-on to manage browser history.

Now you can manage your history on Chrome browser with a Chrome add-on which is powerful enough to give you better results when you search your history. This add-on helps you to search ... Continue Reading →

Add extra security to pc with Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free security tool from Microsoft which can provide an add-on security for your pc. It’s not antivirus software so it can’t take the role of that. ... Continue Reading →

Quick tip – How to make Firefox 4 faster on slower systems.

Firefox 4 is brilliant when it comes to its look and performance. But this elegant looks are very good on machines which have good speedy internet connection. But if you using internet ... Continue Reading →

Speak Asia! Will it really work?

Recently I had viewed an ad on television about Speakasia service. I just checked it online just to know what’s it’s all about since it had said in its ad that it’s something ... Continue Reading →

Apple logo’s through different generations.

Apple INC was formed way back in 1976. From there it has grown such huge that company has changed many of its style and introduced world different technologies which many have imitated ... Continue Reading →

Gmail labels now will shorter.

Gmail has added a little change to its Labels feature. Now handling longer labels will be easier. Long labels are always a tough affair when it comes to editing. Now you can add and ... Continue Reading →

Manage your passwords with 1password on all devices.

In one of my previous post I have mentioned about Keepass which is good password manager, well in this post I will explain about another but it bit more good since its compatible with ... Continue Reading →

ITunes breaks record with above $14 Billion in revenue.

ITunes has touched record breaking revenue which reached $ 14 Billion this week. This adds a great power for Apple as this can power their plans. ITunes has changed significantly for ... Continue Reading →

Share local host files on internet on Linux with Showoff.io

Showoff is a web service by you can access local host files on internet. What Showoff does is that it creates a public URL for a server on localhost; you can then share with anyone. ... Continue Reading →

Startup – Create your business profile with Aboutourwork.

Well there isn’t much I could say about this, but as the homepage suggest Aboutourwork is another kind of social network which is dedicated to your business. Well still in beta stage ... Continue Reading →