Quick tip: How to set up video wallpaper for desktop.

Do know you can setup video as wallpaper for Windows Desktop with VLC. Well you don’t , then this post will help you how to set that up.Follow the below steps.

  1. Open VLC player (if you don’t have one download it here: VLC player.)
  2. Click on Tools from top and then select Preference.
  3. Now this opens up Preference window, select video from right panel.
  4. On the Output option (drop down), select DirectX video output. Save it and exit.
  5. Now open the video file which you want to set as wallpaper, right click over the video screen (player screen) expand Video to find DirectX Wallpaper, select it and check your desktop. You will happy to find the video running behind your desktop icons just as wallpaper.

Note: Even though this looks great, but setting up video wallpaper can degrade the system speed and not recommended every time. But of course you can surprise your friends. 🙂

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