Download VLC skins for your VLC Player.

VLC is one of the famous and favorite media players of many people around the world. Well VLC has got this position not just like that; first remarkable thing about VLC is it’s completely freeware. So download as much as you want, distribute and use as much as you want. Second remarkable feature which made it my favorite is the ability of VLC Media player to play multiple media format which most of the players don’t support.

Do you know you can customize the look and feel of your VLC player with free VLC skins? Yes you can give your VLC player dashing looks with free official VLC skins.

Well what’s so great is that you can download all the skins from VLC official site and its so that its hardy 37 MB in size.

Take a look at below image.

You can download all these skins here: VLC Skins.

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