Share local host files on internet on Linux with

Showoff is a web service by you can access local host files on internet. What Showoff does is that it creates a public URL for a server on localhost; you can then share with anyone. When anyone accesses the shared URL from internet they are directed to the server local host.

This can be great use especially for webmasters who publish their work locally but don’t have the choice to see it work on public internet.  Some common uses are following.

  1. Show your test project located on local servers to your clients for a real time check with showoff URL.
  2. Testing API’s.
  3. Testing mobile application on your local server over internet. is has a 5 minute free service, that means you can create URL which will work for 5 minutes. Well if you want more you can purchase the package which seems to be impressive.

Check it out: Homepage.

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