Keep your Mac clean with CLEANMYMAC.

When it comes to Windows systems you have dozens software’s for tweaking, optimizing or doing a system clean up or repair. Well you also might be fan of some great software which does all those functions for you and keep your system clean and fast.Well now there is something like that for your Mac also. Cleanmymac is such an application by which you can keep your Mac running smoothly. Some features of Cleanmymac are as follows.

  1. Easy to use: You need not be a techy or tech geek to use Cleanmymac since it’s pretty simple to use. No advanced computer knowledge required.
  2. Automatic device cleanup: Cleanmymac can even clean unwanted stuffs from those removable devices of yours.
  3. Removes unwanted languages: it will clean up those messy languages and saves around 70 % space of your apps.
  4. Quick erase: remove/dispose junk/unwanted files without even leaving any trace.
  5. Intelligent uninstaller: remove unnecessary applications, apps and keep your Mac clean.
  6. Cache cleaner: remove those temp files on your Mac.
  7. Log cleaner: Remove useless logs and save/free up more space on your Mac.
  8. Universal binaries: remove unwanted binary files from your Mac.
  9. Plugins and extensions: Manage all those from this single app.
  10. Leftovers: clean the junk of previously removed apps.

You can check this incredible app yourself: Cleanmymac Homepage.

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