Quick tip:How to disable Protected View on Office 2010.

If you are using Office 2010 you might have frequently come up on something called “Protected View”. This is a security feature which Microsoft has added to Office so that infection ... Continue Reading →

MyDefrag – free powerful disk defragmenter tool.

  MyDefrag is freeware disk defragmenter and optimizer software. MyDefrag supports variety of hardware’s like system disk, USB disks, memory sticks etc. Even though Windows ... Continue Reading →

Quick tip: How to set up video wallpaper for desktop.

Do know you can setup video as wallpaper for Windows Desktop with VLC. Well you don’t , then this post will help you how to set that up.Follow the below steps. Open VLC player (if ... Continue Reading →

Download VLC skins for your VLC Player.

VLC is one of the famous and favorite media players of many people around the world. Well VLC has got this position not just like that; first remarkable thing about VLC is it’s completely ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7 service pack 1 available for download.

Windows 7 service pack 1 is now available for download, installing the stable service pack for the operating system is always good to keep our system updated and secure. It will fix ... Continue Reading →

Separate bookmarks on Internet Explorer 8 and chrome with Separatethis.

For easy access of our favorite webpages we all bookmark pages so that when we need them we can go to our bookmarks and access the pages. When we have very little number of bookmarks ... Continue Reading →

How to permanently delete files from Dropbox.

We all know how useful Dropbox service is. Well it’s this because this service has become a huge hit in short period of time. Dropbox is a free service by which you can save files ... Continue Reading →

Facebook like celebrates 1st birthday.

It has been a year now; it was a year before when Facebook introduced Facebook Like. And now it has become an unavoidable thing for any website. On F8 conference Facebook last year ... Continue Reading →

Now an app store for Windows – Allmyapps.

After buying new computer, desktop or laptop our next job will be to install applications and software for new machine. Well this is also same for machines which you formatted for ... Continue Reading →

Gmail makes sending emails bit more easier.

  If you have noticed when you send an email in Gmail/Google mail you will have to wait till your sending process is completed to view your inbox, check email or any further action. ... Continue Reading →