Quick Tip – Setting up a master password for Firefox 4.

In my recent articles I have posted quite lot of information about Firefox 4 tips, tweaks and useful information. In this post also I will explain about a quick tip by which you can create a master password to protect all your passwords stored in the browser.By master password it means you will create a single password which is required when ever you want to open any web service or logging in whose credentials have been stored in your browser. With this you can block any unauthorized user from getting into your account just because you have set to save the password in Firefox.

Follow the simple steps below.

  1. Open Firefox browser and click the Firefox tab on top left side.
  2. Expand Options and select Options.
  3. Now select “Security” form the window. You can see the  “ Use master password”, tick the  check box , which pop’s up a window to set the master password.
  4. Enter the password and confirm it and click ok.
  5. Now just check any webpage where you set to remember password, you will see a window pop up asking you to enter the master password in order to proceed.

That’s all. You can remove the master password by following the same procedures as above and entering a blank (nothing) in the field. Or you can keep master password disabled by un checking the Use master password checkbox.

(Warning: If you forgot your master password ,you will be unable to access any of information. So always make sure that you have thoroughly memorized your master password.)

Hope this helped, do comment. 🙂

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