Quick tips – 5 best steps to protect Android device.

Android market is booming specially since the release of devices like Galaxy Smartphone’s and Galaxy tabs and many more related devices which has appeared in market. As the Android sales are booming so comes the risk of security in these apps. These smart devices hold lots of our confidential data and we don’t want these to get into bad guys who can create real threat for us. In this post I will explain 5 steps to keep the Android clean and secure it from bad guys.

  1. Protect Android device with a good antivirus, well don’t worry about the costs since there lots of free antivirus providers like Avg. Install it and keep protected.
  2. Install Genuine Android (Google certified) from the official provider that is Google Android, since Android is open source you don’t have to go trying any string attached stuffs.
  3. Be alert when ever you access your device from public or free Wi-Fi connections. It can be a malicious network sometimes and it can be gateway for hackers to enter your device, so be safe and alert. If you are not sure about what you are getting better don’t go for the risk.
  4. Protect your device with security apps like Lookout Mobile Security, which can do a through check on your device and also its helpful in tracing your device if you have misplaced or lost it.
  5. Strong password, “well it’s my device I am not going to give it anyone” this will not help you since you can’t predict future. So ensure that you have strong password protection so that even someone gets it cant make a mess out it.

The tips mentioned above may be very basic, but these are the ones which are mostly ignored by people around the globe, so be smart and act smart.

Hope this helped, do comment. 🙂

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