Secure two step verification for Gmail for emergency.

As you all will be aware Gmail or Google mail now has 2 step verification methods for its online accounts. Well it simple makes the our email accounts or web resources hacker proof since even after you enter the password you need to enter a code which you receive on your phone which you have registered with Google. So even a hacker successfully gets your email password he wont be able to login to your account since he need to enter the code which comes only in the original users phone. Well this is good step to secure our Google assets on web and make it really hacker proof but it has got one disadvantage also. Suppose think of a situation where you have lost both your phone (one which you have used to register for two step verification) or probably your sim card expired or any related situation.

Well the bad news is it’s going to make our life really tough. Even through Google provides an option to restore the account even if you lost both your phones/numbers that process can be real mess also the success rate may be very little.

That’s when we need to adopt some way or other to secure our self from such situations. Well thank god Google also tells about a way. In this I will explain about that.

It’s called “Signing in using backup codes”, simply it means you create a set of codes which you can keep in your safe custody or note it somewhere safe and use it.

1.     First is backup your code so that you can use for future. You can save up to 10 combinations of code.

2.     If you lost your phones or similar situation all you need to sing in to Google or Gmail and then use the any of the codes which you have backed up. (Note: since you can only use these codes for a single time you can mark it as used or cut it.)

Well once after you have entered into you account you always have option to disable this feature and then you are saved.

You can go the article on Google blog about the same: Backing up the verification codes.

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