Do you think internet popular over the world, only 29 percent.


We live in a world where internet is like every where. Lot of people call this generation as age of internet. But you will be surprised to know still there are lots of people who don’t use internet or it would be better the percentage of users using internet around the world much much less than we may think.

Internetworldstats who does research on the number of users all around the world has this information to share. Well when we say only an average of 28.7 % is the internet users around the world it’s really shocking right? But that’s the truth.

Africa, who constitutes over one billion inhabitants, only has 10% of the population. There are multiple reasons for this internal rebellions, instable government, and improper infrastructure.

Asia also has not a positive rate reasons for this is mainly caused because lack of technological developments on rural areas. Asia has a huge amount of rural areas which is potentially under developed.

Largest countries in the world like US which has 77% and Russia a shocking 43 %.

Know more details: World Web stats.

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