Third party apps to find product key of Windows os.

Keeping our product key saved somewhere is always a safe step which can save us at some critical situations. Suppose we face a situation when our machine has gone bad may be due to virus attack or a system failure or just being slow and you want that to be rebuilt. Well you can go ahead and install the operating system but we will require our product key. Well if we have not saved and we don’t have that sticker which comes with any standard pc or laptops or the sticker is damaged, that will make our life tough. So in this post I will explain about 2 free software which you can use to find out the product key and save it for our future.

  1. SIW 2010: Software Information for Windows (SIW) is free software which will give you lots of information about our machine including our product key.
  2. Magical Jelly Bean Keyfinder: Is another free application by which you find more 300+ keys. Magical Jelly bean has also paid version which have much more advance functionalities.

Well as important to find the product keys is to save your serials in a safe and reliable medium so that you can use it future.

Hope this helped, do comment. 🙂

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