How to customize toolbar buttons on Firefox 4.

In my recent post I have mentioned about of release of Firefox 4, Firefox 4 is already a hit with brilliant design and extremely fast interface, also Firefox has changed the look and feel of the browser also. So for a common user who is really used to old Firefox version may find it bit confusing in accessing all those which were before. I will help you in this by posting good tips so that you can master the browser. Here in this post I will explain you how you can add button or customize Firefox 4 buttons like adding more buttons or removing it.

Adding/customizing buttons:

  1. Open anew tab in Firefox 4 browser.
  2. Now right click anywhere on the top of browser (near address bar area) and from the menu select “customize”.
  3. It will open up a customize toolbar, now all you need to do is to drag and drop required button.  Shown below is an example where I have added “tab group button by dragging and dropping it just after the address bar. See the image.

Hope this trick helped,do comment. 🙂

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