Useful Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts.

Internet Explorer 9 is slowing getting more attention from the people around the world. It’s much better both in performance and looks when compared to its predecessors. In this post I will tell you some very useful Internet Explorer 9 keyboard shortcuts which can save good amount of your time browsing.

  1. Open a new tab : Ctrl + T
  2. Display traditional menu bar : Alt
  3. Open Tab (1 to 9): Ctrl + 1 to 9 (example to open first tab use “Ctrl + 1”.)
  4. Close the current tab : Ctrl + W
  5. Copy same tab (duplicate) : Ctrl + K
  6. Full screen mode: F11
  7. Open download manager : Ctrl + J
  8. Open browser www–.com format : Ctrl + Enter

The good thing is almost all these shortcuts works well with Firefox and Chrome 🙂

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