Mozilla Firefox 4 full version is now available for download.

Mozilla has released its much awaited browser, Firefox 4. There is significant change in the looks and feel of the world’s favorite browser. With Firefox 4 Mozilla has completely changed the browser interface style and removed the traditions top links and like file, edit etc and integrated all of them under a single tab named Firefox. The interface looks much more elegant and fast. By changing the browser interface style it seems to have got more space for the webpages.

Some significant changes you can see on Add on menu, when navigated take to Mozilla web interface. One place where you can get new add-ons, featured add-ons, Firefox themes, also from this menu you can manage your plugins, appearance, Firefox extensions.

See these snap shots.

Well with the release of Firefox 4 Mozilla says it supports almost 80 % add-ons and plugins which were there on previous version. I personally used DivX extension, .net framework which does not work under Firefox at present.

So in summary I can say Firefox 4 looks great with beautiful interface with great themes, much faster.

You can grab a copy and try out yourself: Download Mozilla Firefox 4.

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