Twitter completing 5 years, some interesting facts.

It’s a success story when it comes to Twitter. The social giants are completing its 5th year this March 21st. Twitter came into web world on March 21, 2006, Jack Dorsey (@jack) creator of Twitter sent the first Tweet to the world. This year we have seen the real power of Twitter among common peoples life, where it was used as a tool for mass awakening by the people of Egypt and Libya. It’s not required to explain how successful Twitter service has been. It’s the single service which is used by almost all sections of people whether it’s common public, politicians, celebrities and film stars, sportspersons’, kings, rulers and many more.

Here are some facts of Twitter:

1.       It took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day for Twitter to reach its Billionth tweet.

2.       Now Twitter takes 1 week to reach around Billion tweets.

3.       People send an average 50 million tweets per day last and it’s increasing 100 folds.

4.       140 Million Tweets last month.

5.       Above 450 Tweets per second. ( Michael Jackson ‘s death)

6.       460,000 accounts created last month.

7.       Increase of mobile users compared last year is around 182%

8.       12th March 2011, on a single day 572,000 accounts created.

9.       With 8 Employees on Jan 2008 to 400 employees on Jan 2011.

We wish Twitter all the best for their future endeavor’s and an advance HAPPY BIRTDAY.

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