Add more controls on your YouTube videos with Embedplus.

As we all are aware that YouTube videos are viewed and shared all around the web world nowadays. YouTube allows sharing it on any webpage or blog by providing embedding codes which can be used to embed videos to any site. But if you have noticed, the video interface has less number of controls or settings. A standard YouTube video only gives very basic options like Play/Pause, volume control/mute etc. It does not provide many options which some standard video players gives you for example fast forward or rewind feature, skip feature, slow feature, zoom feature and other advanced feature.

Well now for all those people who miss those additional controls embedplus makes it complete. is a web service which adds additional controls to YouTube videos.

Using Embedplus is pretty simple, you need to enter the YouTube URL which you want to have additional controls and rest is taken care by Embedplus. You will receive the code for embedding, at the same time if you customize the size and quality of the video before proceeding to the code. You can also preview the video there itself.

Well if you are using WordPress blog, it sometimes performs unwanted formatting to HTML that you paste. This formatting affects how the Embedplus widget is rendered, making it appear as a standard YouTube video. So Embedplus provides a plugin which resolves this issue. This plugin can be downloaded from the Embedplus website itself.

You can check this great service: Embedplus Homepage.

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