Make hidden files or folders with WinMend Folder Hidden freeware.

WinMend Hidden is free utility by which you can hide any file or folder in your system. There are lots of such software’s in the market but most of them are paid applications. WinMend is completely free application with premium and powerful features. The hidden files/folders remain as it is on any other operating system or connected any other machines. WinMend needs user account with admin rights in order to work.


1.       Safe data: WinMend gives most importance on data, so that user data is always safe even if it’s hidden.

2.       High speed: Both hiding and un hiding is faster, so users does not need to spend lots of time for the process.

3.       Supports all drives/removable storage: WinMend works on all usb drives/thumb drives/portable drives and disks.

WinMend is meant for home use only and not recommended on environments where very high security is required. WinMend supports Languages English, French, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic, Greek, Korean, Itanlian, Slovak, Vietnames.

Download this freeware: Download WinMend Folder Hidden.


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