Customize OEM info of PC with OEMConfigurer freeware.

On Windows 7 or Vista when you right click on my computer and select properties you will a summary of information about your machine. Like the operating system, brand of the pc, pc rating, model, processor, ram and many more. But we are also aware that we can’t change the information provided there. Like suppose as in above image you can see the brand of the laptop with logo(which is HP). What if we want to remove it and put any image of our choice? Well now with OEMConfigurer freeware application you can achieve exactly that. OEMConfigurer is light application by which you can change some part of the information like Manufacturer details, name of the model and also the logo. OEMConfigurer is portable application so there is no need of installation.

This freeware is compatible with Windows Xp,Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download it here: OEMConfigurer Freeware.

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