Finally an open source Facebook rival –Diaspora.

As many of us may be aware that in recent time lots of issues have been reported regarding Facebook on multiple issues may it over user privacy, user data protection, and various social network related spams. Same time the requirement for open source social community as powerful as Facebook came into existence. Now one such open source venture released under the name Diaspora. Diaspora has completely new approach when it comes to user comfort level.

In order to join you need an invitation (at present) and you can sign up for an invitation. One of the best feature as explained by Diaspora is about the ownership of the data. You maintain ownership of everything you share on Diaspora, giving you full control over how it’s distributed.

Another area where Diaspora will make you feel different and comfortable is the settings section of any page. Where sites like Facebook has maintained the cloud of confusion still now when it comes to privacy settings, share settings, account settings Diaspora will be easy and clean.

You can apply for an invite and learn more: Diaspora Homepage.

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