Lock your pc with Clear lock freeware.

We all know that Windows has inbuilt lock system to lock the pc. Using it also is pretty simple .Just we need to press Windows key + L key on keyboard and that’s done.

Here I will introduce to a freeware application which you can lock the pc as well as see the background. Clear lock is a freeware application which can lock you pc. It’s portable so you don’t have to worry about installing it. Just click the application and provide the lock password and then confirm the password that all.

When you run this application from desktop, it locks the windows as normal windows lock feature but the good thing is that it gives faded background of the actual desktop. So you can see which all application is running from the view.

Clear lock freeware app is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You can download and try out this app here: Download Clear Lock.

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