Save all your online works at one place with Evernote.

Evernote is web service where you save all your online stuffs at one single space. Let it be an interesting web page, an image, a scanned document, link, video and many more.As Evernote ... Continue Reading →

Customize OEM info of PC with OEMConfigurer freeware.

On Windows 7 or Vista when you right click on my computer and select properties you will a summary of information about your machine. Like the operating system, brand of the pc, pc ... Continue Reading →

Make hidden files or folders with WinMend Folder Hidden freeware.

WinMend Hidden is free utility by which you can hide any file or folder in your system. There are lots of such software’s in the market but most of them are paid applications. WinMend ... Continue Reading →

How Computer Viruses Spread & What You Can Do To Prevent Them.

(Contributed by Guest blogger Kate Schneiders) With more than 100 new computer viruses released and spread over the Internet every day, antivirus software is arguably the most important ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Bing Translator alternative for Google Translator.

Google Translator is very handy service from Google. It translates any webpage to our required language so that we can understand the contents. For example you can convert Russian ... Continue Reading →

Block unwanted ads with Personal Blocklist extension on Chrome.

While searching for any information on Google we get lots of them as result. Sometimes it can be very useful when we get such a lot of information on the topic we searched for, but ... Continue Reading →

Finally an open source Facebook rival –Diaspora.

As many of us may be aware that in recent time lots of issues have been reported regarding Facebook on multiple issues may it over user privacy, user data protection, and various social ... Continue Reading →

Google Docs improves by adding more extensions.

On 18th Feb ,Google announced that they have improved the Google Docs by adding more extensions. This means that now Google Docs will support many more extensions than before. So now ... Continue Reading →

Simple wallpapers for your desktop – Simple Desktop.

If love to have simple wallpapers for your desktop than huge color mixed one the Simple Desktop is the one which you should look for. As Simple Desktop itself explains “these are ... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Fix It Version 2.5 released.

As you all might be aware that with Microsoft Fix it which is made for purpose for supporting its vast users worldwide in fixing and troubleshooting many issue regarding their computers, ... Continue Reading →