Block Windows 7 service pack downloads from Windows update.

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Best alternative for Microsoft office – Libreoffice.

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Install WordPress on Microsoft.

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Delete any locked file with FileASSASSIN.

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Get desktop notification of new email or chat on Chrome.

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Clear Firefox Dropbox profile conflicts with FirefoxProfileCleaner.

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Facebook tightens security with HTTPS.

As Facebook’s popularity increase so increases the chance it being more targeted by bad people and Ha*k*r’s. But Facebook has always tried hard to keep its resources secure.  As ... Continue Reading →

Create complex passwords yourself without any application.

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Secure your printers from cyber criminals.

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Opt out of ad personalization by cookies with Keep My Opt-outs.

Google has ad personalization technique enabled. Well for those all of you who don’t know much about this, Ad personalization is a technique by Google by which it will detect our ... Continue Reading →