eHow to set Facebook login mandatory.

Information/article website eHow is to make Facebook login as mandatory for all its users starting from February.  This means that only users with a Facebook account will be able to login to site. But most frustrating news is that users with previous (Non Facebook login users), their accounts, profiles, messages and uploaded contents will be deleted.

Another area of concern for all this users are being only given a short period of notice (6 Days). This action might make its core users/contributors sad and can act negatively to the sites popularity. eHow has improved brilliantly last year with improvement in page view around 40 Million.

Even though presently eHow offers a Facebook login option, but since its beginning almost 9 years ago ,there would be long list of users who have individual eHow profile and this decision can create huge roar in between them.

The reaction had already started between eHow users which can be seen through their reaction on official eHow page setup especially about this topic. Also to add on their many users who don’t like their Facebook profile linked to third party site. As a result the threat of users quitting is now in evitable.

Check out users reaction: Comments on How to login to eHow with Facebook.

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