Windows 7 deployment on plans? Watch official Microsoft Webcast.

The biggest pressure on System Admins for the period is of the migration of their corporate IT infrastructure to Windows 7 environment. Well after the confirmation from the whole world of tech professionals about the success of Windows 7 operating system, now it’s the right time for the migration from Windows Xp to Windows 7 environment. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Lots of hurdles are there for System Engineers to pass when doing this major project.  Well knowing exactly this issue Microsoft has decided to conduct a Webcast for people who are really looking for the move.

Learn from the creators about tips, tricks and tweaks when you do the deployment/migration. Learn the best practices and tools required for the smooth process.

Surely something no Admins want to miss.

Join Steve Campbell, Microsoft Services, Deployment Architect and Stephen L Rose at 9am (PST) on February 2 for a webinar: “Windows 7 Deployment – An Insider’s Guide.”

You can enter the webcast here: Webcast Link: Windows 7 Deployment – An Insider’s Guide.

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