Install WordPress on Microsoft.

It’s a known fact that WordPress is one of most blogging platform.  The biggest hassle all those who use WordPress has been its little discomfort when hosted on Windows Based Hosting. Almost all webmasters prefer WordPress to be hosted on Linux based system which is absolutely compatible and secure. Well but if you are Windows fan and sad that it does not support WordPress, then it’s the time for you to rejoice.  Microsoft is now teaming with worlds best blogging platform WordPress so that it can be supported all Microsoft based hosts. Microsoft team is working on along with its hosting/web partners to make WordPress hosting on Windows based machine more easier and comfortable for all users.

Microsoft has created Microsoft Web Matrix for that. You can install Web matrix and then WordPress installation would be as easy as a click. WordPress is fully tested in Web matrix and runs very smoothly.

So with support of Microsoft, now windows webmasters also will enjoy world’s most favorite blogging platform.

You can read more and install: Microsoft Web Matrix for WordPress.

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