Best IPAD apps you don’t want to miss.

As Apple IPAD is hit, more and more demands for good apps increases. In this post I will explain about some of the great apps which you don’t want to miss. I have put this list pretty simple rather than huge explanation. So watch out.

1.       Pages: An alternative to Microsoft Word for all IPAD geeks. Something which is a must to have for all the Apple users.

2.       Numbers: After Ms Word something we are a fan of is what if asked would get answer, MS Excel. Numbers is alternate to Ms Excel for Apple Ipad. Don’t miss that.

3.       Print Central: You can print from IPAD with this super handy app. Don miss it.

4.       Dropbox: Well you would not need an explanation about it if you have used it. Now share everything with Dropbox.

5.       Photoshop Express: Use your most favorite image editor here right in IPAD with Photoshop Express app.

6.       Brush: A simple app to create good image effects.

7.       Blogpress: Dedicated to all WordPress bloggers. Now blog from your IPAD with Blogpress app.

8.       Office HD: Create, edit and save Google apps documents with this app.

9.       FTP on the Go: Now if you use WordPress, image uploads are made simple with this app. Upload images to your WordPress and many more with this app.

10.   Desi radio: Especially for all Indian radio audience; enjoy songs in all languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telegu, and Punjabi etc.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Do reply. 🙂

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