Methane gas spreading over Siberia – Huge environmental threat.

Another great environment concern, which we all will have to face. Methane gas is spreading all over Siberia. Methane is a greenhouse gas and severe decrease in temperature in artic and Antarctica area gives it a gaseous state which eases the propagation of it around the area. This will affect the heavy depletion of Ozone layer and thus adding up the greenhouse effect which further paves way to melting of ice caps at earth poles.

Human race have always kept nature as their last priority, they have run for developments whether its cities, sky scrapers, roads, transport, industries but have not ever checked the impact on nature till the issue has gone above neck high.  Past 15 years world has seen an increase in global temperature up to 15 Degrees. This is huge alarming rise.

The immediate effect of global temperature rise would be increase in the sea level which can engulf small islands and low lands.

The alarm is already loud enough for all of us to react. If not now then it would be very late.

Read more about info: Methane gas propagation in Siberia.

Msnbc news: Methane seeping from Siberia.

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