Earn money from your blog or website with Flattr.

In order to promote our blog/website we have lots of option nowadays. Let it be Facebook fan page with like widget, twitter, stumbleupon, feeds, LinkedIn and many more. Well how it would be if you can earn money whenever your site viewers like your site. That’s what Flattr is all about. Flattr is new kind of service which explains itself as social micropayments. Its working is pretty simple. First you need to register in Flattr, after that you need to download the widget/plugin for your site. Well the great thing is you have inbuilt plugin for blog like WordPress, blogger and many more blog engines and CMS. You have option to put the plugin on normal static websites also. One you have installed that on your site whenever any person read your blog or view your site and clicks the Flattr a credit is added to your account. All the credit accumulated will be added up and once it reaches the sum of 10 Euros you can redeem the amount with popular online banks like Paypal. The biggest advantage of Flattr is that if your blog/site is famous and you have pretty strong number of people.  You can earn a decent amount every month.

View the following info video.

You can create an account and read more: Flattr Social Micropayments Homepage.

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