Encrypt and protect your storage drive with True Crypt freeware.

In this age of massive storage and massive data whether it’s online or in your pc. We may have with us very confidential data and which we don’t want to share with anyone or get into the hands of any bad people who can misuse them.  Encrypting your hard drive or disk would be a great option on such situations. But unfortunately most of the software and applications which provide this is not free. You need to pay in order to use these software’s.  True Crypt is a freeware application which provides the same function and also you can use it for free. With True crypt you can create a virtual encrypted disk within a file/folder. You can use this as real disk or mount them on your machine. If you want you can encrypt your entire hard disk or your USB storage drives. You can also encrypt drives which have your system files or Windows boot files.

True Crypt uses Parallelization and pipelining technology which enables high speed data process, thus limiting the amount of time required for the encryption process.

There are lot more features, you can download and read more: True Crypt Home Page.

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