Now search with your voice – Google Voice Search.

When it comes to Google, innovations are something common. We have seen lots of new enhancements from Google side like instant search, auto complete and many more. Now again Google comes with something unique. Google search by Voice is new technology developed by Google. Well explaining technology in simple word is you can now search Google by your voice. Yes the most unique technology from Google. Well this is technology is only supported by Google Chrome browser. All you need to do is install the Google Voice search extension from the Chrome Web store (download link provided below). Once the extension is installed you will see a Mike symbol on the search box on the right side.

You will then get an option to speak; you can check it by saying some popular words like “Google” “Yahoo” “Microsoft” or many more.

Well at present this voice search tool will not give accurate results to unpopular words. But we can expect that issue resolved soon.

You can download this extension here: Google Voice Search Extension.

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