Disable the print option from PDF, save paper with SAVEASWWF.

Every year many trees are destroyed for the paper industry. The fact remains that we can’t completely avoid this. Simple because we can’t live without print media. Can we think of day with out news paper?  Or our favorite magazine? , or those heavy text books and notebooks which we take with us when we go to school or collage? Well same thing also applies to our corporate where there wont be a single day with out print outs. Even though we can’t avoid these we can take simple initiative from our side like paper recycle. Use the digital format more than printouts.

But sometimes we have a habit of printing out unwanted stuffs, even though we don’t require we take printout. Now we can remove the print option from our PDF documents. PDF is one of the largest used document format around the world. So if you can remove Print option even if some body tries to print they can’t.

This feature is achieved by using SAVEASWWF initiative, all you need to download and install SAVE AS WWF software which will enable you to remove print option completely. Once installed you will get a option to save the PDF document in WWF format, thus it simply removes print option.

Why this is important, watch the following video.

You can download this software and read more about it here: SAVEASWWF Homepage.

Save paper, save environment. 🙂

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