Schedule your Gmail, plan when to send your emails with Boomerang.

Ever missed to send a birthday wish to your friend? Ever missed sending out a email since you were not able to access your Gmail?  Well never miss any of them. How great it would be if you have option by which you can schedule your email, like suppose your friend’s birthday comes up after a week, create a birthday wish email and schedule it to send that day. Or you have to send an important email to your boss on a particular day but you know you be in a situation that you won’t be able to access your email that day. Well now with Boomerang you solve all these issues. Boomerang is simple service which when you enable in Gmail, can schedule your emails. You can send emails later or on a particular. All you need is to compose an email and then click “Send later” and then you can select your required date and that’s it. Your email will be sent on the particular date.

You can also set reminder emails; you use Boomerang to send email reminder scheduling the intervals between the emails where its hours or days.

Boomerang Features in summary:

1.       Schedule birthday/holiday emails to send.

2.       Set follow up emails and reminder emails.

3.       Schedule Bill payments, subscription renewals and many more.

You can do lot more with boomerang. Boomerang is supports both Gmail and Gmail Apps email. And supports Mozilla Firefox 3.6 or above versions and Google Chrome browser.

You can install it here: Install Boomerang Email Schedule service.

You can read more: Boomerang Homepage.

Boomerang is third party service but keeps your privacy on priority and is also featured in famous blogs like Lifehacker, TNW blog, PCworld and many more.  Surely Boomerang will be a handy service to have.

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