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This is a situation which often happens. We want to print a webpage. May be complete webpage or a little part of it. But when we print the traditional way, whole stuffs prints out. Sometimes it results in great paper loss. You will waste paper in printing out unwanted stuffs. Well other option is copy and paste the whole stuff in a word pad or any editor and then remove unwanted sections and then print it. But this process is not easy as it sounds. First of all its time consuming. Sometimes formatting and all make the whole thing into a mess. Well now you can achieve this online with It’s an online service where you can print webpages and edit the unwanted stuffs completely and control the way you print thus saving lots of paper. Using this webpage is pretty simple, all you need to do is to paste your required webpage address/URL in the text bar provided in the webpage and click start, and then you will see the webpage snapshot. Now you can simply edit the page snapshot and remove unwanted sections. Once you are done, you can print this snapshot. The advantage of this service is that you can remove sections from webpage which you don’t require. You also have additional options like removing the images from the page, remodify the looks and customize the whole look of your page which you want to print.

In the age where it’s our priority and duty to save paper, it a gem of a service.  Each paper saved is like saving a tree. So let’s think about our environment, conserve it at least a little from our side with this simple initiative.

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