A look around different Windows 7 versions.

Windows 7 is already a hit and it’s not secret news. It has been hugely popular and has brought back all the glory back to Microsoft. Now we can go for the upgrade from our pretty well served Windows Xp. By this time itself you might have heard that Windows 7 comes with 6 different versions. Let’s look a little bit what these 6 different versions give us. 6 versions of Windows seven are.

1. Windows 7 Starter edition.

2. Windows 7 Home Basic Edition.

3. Windows 7 Home Premium edition.

4. Windows 7 Professional edition

5. Windows 7 Enterprise Edition.

6. Windows 7 Ultimate edition.

Now let’s learn what these difference versions have to offer or learn more about these.

1.       Windows 7 Starter Edition: Well the first feature to mention about Starter edition is that it’s pretty light. Means it’s basically made for Netbook or those smaller pc. Well it requires lighter processor and works fine with lighter RAM. Some things you won’t find in Starter edition are as follows.

  • Do not have Aero Glass effect, No media center, No multiple monitor support.
  • Only comes pre-installed with PC. (Means you can’t buy a copy of Operating system.)
  • Best for small pc. (Net book, HP slate.)

2.       Windows 7 Home Basic Edition: Basically meant basic home users. Well first good thing with Home basic edition is that it’s less expensive, means you can simply afford it. Other specialties include.

  • Gives basic level Windows 7 experience.
  • Aero effects (Limited), No media touch, No multitouch.
  • No advanced corporate features.

3.       Windows 7 Home Premium Edition: Again a OS meant for Home users. But has pretty good functionalities when comparing all the above versions.

  • Full aero glass and graphical features, also supports media center, multitouch etc.
  • Advanced navigation and personalization available.
  • Internet TV and recording available.

4.       Windows 7 Professional Edition: Now the edition for business and small enterprise starts. Lots for advanced features available. Well is good for techy home users as well as corporate users. Some additional features include.

  • Advanced networking features.
  • More flexibility on Domain servers and client environment.
  • Advanced network backup.
  • Encrypting File system.
  • Windows XP mode available (Something very interesting), so run those applications which needs Windows Xp to run.

5.       Windows 7 Enterprise Edition: Well all those above features in Professional features available. Some additional features are.

  • Bit locker feature; now encrypt all those data with this great feature.
  • More suited to large corporates.
  • Direct access with that you can avail more secure connectivity with the corporate network and federated search you can access multiple information from databases.
  • Microsoft BranchCache to access resources faster in a network and in between.
  • Microsoft App locker to prevent unauthorized applications and software’s.
  • Multiple language support.

6. Windows 7 Ultimate Edition: Well all the features mentioned above in Enterprise edition available. The difference between Enterprise as follows.

  • This version is available for Retail customers.
  • Volume licensing available for corporate customers.

Hope this article is helpful, do comment. 🙂

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