Test drive Word press 3.1 Beta.

WordPress has released a beta version of latest WordPress which is WordPress 3.1 beta. Present stable version is WordPress 3.0.1 which is active at present. The new version is basically for those users/developers who are interested in testing the version before the stable release. WordPress has recommended that users should not try this upgrade on their live site since it’s released for testing only. Also they have requested testing users to report any problem or bug which has come up on while testing and asked developers to fix any issue which they have come up ,so that they can release a stable version with no bugs or vulnerability.

WordPress has dedicated a page for bug reporting and set some criteria before you can send them your findings. You can read more here : WordPress 3.1 Beta Bug reporting homepage.

You can download this version for testing here: WordPress 3.1 Beta.

Warning: This WordPress 3.1 Beta version is not a stable version, trying it on real/live site may create issue. Please use this in test environment.

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