Simple contact us form for your WordPress blog.

Contact form or “Contact us page” is a vital section of our blog. This is section where outside people/visitor can contact you for any information, comments, suggestions or complains regarding your blog. Well in order to custom design a contact page in your blog you need to have little bit knowledge about coding/programming. But it won’t be an easy task for every one. Some blog template come with custom build contact pages to help but still you need to know bit about setup so that it will work properly.

But there is easy and simple option for this which is you can do all this with a simple plugin.

With Si-contact form you can create a pretty nice looking and pretty easy to set contact page for your blog.

You can install the and activate the plugin for as mentioned below.

1.      First you need to upload the si-contact-form folder which you have downloaded to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

2.      Activate the plugin from menu in WordPress left side plugins section. Look for the Settings link to configure the Options.

3.      Now click on the page in right pane and then click on “Add new” so that you can add a new page  and name it as “Contact Us’ (or your choice) then add the shortcode [si-contact-form form='1'] in the Page body also uncheck Allow Comments, click Publish.(you don’t want comments in contact page right 🙂 )

4.      Now preview you blog and click on the page which you have created.

Plugin has auto update feature so it updates automatically.

You can read more and download this handy plugin here: Simple Contact Form (Si Contact) plugin homepage.
Hope this helped, Do comment 🙂

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