How to shorten the Facebook page link like Facebook/pagename?

I got how my friend is able to display his Facebook fan page something like ? Well when I created my blog my next step was to create a custom fan page for my blog. I was able to do that but I wanted is to get a link which is short and good something like this Doing a little bit research on Facebook I was able to sort it out and it’s pretty simple. And then I was able to convert my link to simple one something which was like this—-/Techdunes-Blog/1233455789 to

Now before going for it you need to know some important points in mind and these are the following:

1.       Never create a Facebook fan page which is used by any company (Who has registered its brand name); it’s illegal and will pave way to get you whole page or probably account suspended.

2.       If you have marketing/money making intensions with this then I would say it’s not the place for you. You can’t create anyone’s page and then have plans to sell it. It’s purely illegal and you will have to face consequences.

3.       Once such page link change is created it the action can’t be un done.

In order to do this change, first login to your Facebook account.

Now in open another tab open this URL:

Now you will see your profile name and your page name. Now from the drop down box select the page name and type which name you want. Then check the availability of the name and then confirm it. So now you can see your page link like this :

That’s it.

Hope this helped, do comment 🙂

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