3 mantras to be a successful blogger.

Before beginning a professional blog I always used to research about how can I become popular through my blog? How can I attract more and more visitors to my blog? How can I have fun around and earn too with my blog?  Well I have read many posts/blogs which has related information. I have even read blogs which proclaims itself that “you follow our rules  …you will be successful”. What I am doing here is to give you a summary of what you require or what’s most important to become a successful blogger. Considering the opinion of some of the successful bloggers and top blogs in the industry 3 most important things are there which you should possess with or should follow. Now I am writing this but never mean that I am highly successful blogger but I am following these and it’s making me grow up slowly. So please consider this following if you want to be a good and successful blogger.

  1. Original content: Now this one of the important factor or rather quality a blogger should possess. The contents he/she posts should be his or should have his views or points. Well this does not mean that you should not repeat any information but a copy paste style (plagiarism) won’t help any one. First thing its illegal to copy somebody else content another is no body will appreciate you if you do a copy paste. Also if you running ads like Google adsense it will penalize you for your deeds. So first mantra is original content. Well it does not mean that you need to create something new that nobody has yet seen or written but surely you can give the topics your own style and use your own words. Also to mention its illegal to copy anybody’s images so if you don’t have something you can paste don’t use. Also go for stock free photos which provide lots of royalty free images which you can use freely on your sites.
  2. Regular posts/topics: The second mantra is to post regularly, now this is another important quality which every blogger should possess. You should regularly post topics. Especially if you are a new blogger you need to update your blog regularly. Come out with new posts so that your visitors will see and read new contents. This has got 2 main advantages one is your website ranking increases, your site improves your position in search engine like Google and also it slowly helps in increasing your visitor counts. Also you may receive more comments from your readers and your site will be linked/pinged or referred in different blogs/sites. It also improves your writing skills and makes you suitable to write good topics and make you more intelligent blogger.
  3. Patience: This is final one and I would say most important one is this: Patience. If you want to be a successful blogger you need to have this. I have seen my friends who also began bloging with me but after some time one fine morning saying that it’s a waste of time and stopping it altogether. And some who dreams about being the highest paid blogger in this world and all that within a month. The utter truth is that there are no such shortcuts. You need to follow above rules and then you should have patience. Success does not come easy it takes time. There may be occasions when we may feel a strong negative factor which makes us in halting things and thus pouring water to all that you have done and achieved till now. Be a patient blogger, let people around the world know you. Make people revisit your blog, Promote your blog in social sites, groups and communities. Invite your friends to visit and comment on your topics. And see slowing the increasing popularity of your blog. And remember the old proverb there are no shortcuts to success. And this very well applies here.

What I have tried here is to say some core qualities which a blogger should possess but in a simple way rather than writing a huge essay. I hope these 3 mantras will help you. I wish all my fellow bloggers all the best.

Thank you.

thanks to my friend @Renjith for the  image 🙂

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