Free up your system memory with MaxMem freeware.

Any program requires memory to run. It depends up on the how your application/software is the amount of memory it uses. But many times we face situation when you have good amount of inbuilt memory but your application runs pretty slow. Well the reason may be various like some other hidden applications may be running. So programs are getting automatically started once you login to windows. So as a result your main program which you are working one does not have enough memory. MaxMem freeware helps you in this situation. With MaxMem you can check what your present situation is in case of memory is. How much each application is using and how much is free. MaxMem can free up the memory from programs which are idle. You can use the config option for advance to setup.

You can read more here: MaxMem Homepage.

You can download this freeware here: Download MaxMem freeware.

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